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April/May 2024 Newsletter

The StewVille Scoop Newsletter with purple bear wearing glasses and holding a newspaper

Happy 5th Anniversary Stewpendous Productions!

Celebratory Confetti

On March 27th Stewpendous Productions celebrated our 5th Anniversary!!! Five years of bringing trivia fun, ballyhoo, and community to Chicagoland. What a night! We had cake, cookies, and a packed bar full of Love Biscuits. This was an epic way to celebrate five years of Stewpendous fun. Huge thanks to everyone who came out!

Lead Facilitator Stew surrounded by trivia goers all holding shots and wearing Stewpendous Productions sweatshirts

A Look Back At April:

We launched our brand new show at Dimo’s Pizza Cafe with our new trivia host and Sparkle Squad Member Ben Gibson.

Go WildCats! High School Musical Super fans joined our trivia Sing Along Night at Sidetrack Chicago. 

April was packed with fun exploring the Final Frontier of the Star Trek Franchise at Sidetrack Chicago, along the way through space we stopped at Arrakis for two Dune Trivia Nights at Headquarters Beercade. When we landed back on Earth we entered the ring and body slammed the workday blues with WWE trivia at Replay Andersonville. Our month ended right back at Sidetrack Chicago singing along with the Wildcats of East High and catching them all with Pokemon Trivia Night.


Fun Fact of the Month!

If you attended all of our Classic Stewpendous Trivia Shows at your favorite bars on a Monday or a Tuesday, you learned 35 different topics of trivia. If you attended a Wednesday or Thursday show you learned 28 different topics! That’s hella impressive!

Our Favorite Trivia Team Names of the Month:

  • Pulp Friction 

  • The 1964 Orphan Bowl

  • The Easter Basket Cases

  • Baby, Got Snacks

An Image promoting all the upcoming shows in May

Upcoming Stewpendous Chicago Trivia in May

We have some really awesome events coming up in May and we would love for you to be a part of them! We are partnering with White Claw and putting on two Stewpendous Trivia Nights at Chicago’s newest recreation destination SPF Chicago in Lincoln Park. On May 7th we will be celebrating all the iconic sports movies we grew up on. On May 20th we will be traveling back to the bodacious decade of the 90s and celebrating the biggest pop culture moments! 

If the force is feeling strong with you then you don’t want to miss our Star Wars trivia night at Replay! May is also a big month for Mario and Nintendo fans! You’ll have two opportunities to experience the celebration of the Jump Man’s legacy, the world of Nintendo, and the release of the new game at Replay and Sidetrack! Keep coming back to our website for all the updated information on times and locations!



Stewpendous Recipe!

Stewpendous Productions firmly believes that trivia is always better when snacks are involved. We want to take the opportunity of our monthly newsletter to celebrate our love of Pop Culture with whacky concepts on snacks and cocktails linked to our favorite characters from TV and movies. Nostalgia is a key pillar of our quizzical philosophy! Every month we’ll give you a fun, nostalgic pop-culture recipe that will surely awaken your memories!

MELMAC MIX INSPIRED BY 80s classic ALF (1986) 

“ALF Loved to raid the fridge and scarf down all the snacks when he wasn’t trying to eat Lucky the Cat.”

Nostalgic Toy Alfs surrounding a bowl full of Melmac Mix



Cheese balls (80s Classic PLANTERS preferred) 

Cool Ranch Doritos (Came Out in 1986)

Smartfood popcorn (1985)  

Combo Pretzels (came out in 1980)

Mix them all up in a large plastic bowl and start scarfin’.

Don’t forget to tag us in your Melmac Mixes photos on Instagram!


Stewpendous Productions is here for all your event needs, check the website for more info!

Peace, Love & Bear Hugs, Stew

Stew's Signature - Peace, Love and Bear Hugs

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