I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve made an exclusive deal with Santa Claus and he has given me a green light. I’m putting my talent, past experiences and this beard to good use. This season I’m going to be making personalize messages from Santa to the kids. My ultimate goal is to bring joy, dazzle and true belief of the magic of Christmas to them this holiday season!!



Here are the the quick steps we’ll use to make these videos personal and magical for your kiddos:

  • Your child will write a letter to Santa. Send that letter to me. This part is totally optional.

  • I’ll film a video responding to the letter and thank them for sending it.

  • Share with me moments of 2018 regarding your child’s accomplishments or a moment that made you proud.

  • Tell me about  family traditions of something you bake together every year. For example: Granny’s Famous Pumpkin Chip Cookies.

  • I’ll be happy to include any other special memory or personal touch you desire to include in your video. Just be sure to share that wish with me when you send your email.

I will take all this provided information and use it to create your customized Santa Video.


I don’t want to ring my own sleigh bells, but my “HO! HO! HO!” is pretty darn good.

The cost of this Christmas Santa Video is $25 per video. Preferred payment Venmo.

If you are interested in having a video made for your kids this year…

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Will your Child Be Mailing Santa A Letter in Chicago?

I can’t wait to help you bring

the magic of Christmas

to life this holiday season!