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Your typical work day consist of deadlines to be met, and projects to be completed, ideas to be pitched. But with all of that pressure to achieve our daily task and minimize our workload, it leaves very little time for two essential factors for healthy and productive employees: Socializing and Building Relationships in the Office.

Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 American workers experience job-related stress (2017 Gallup Poll). The best way to alleviate the stress of work and prevent burnout is to provide opportunities for employees to put down the work for a break, interact with colleagues and take a breather from pressures that work can deliver. Large successful corporations like Google, Pixar and Facebook, among others, have discovered that providing opportunities for fun during the work week leads to improving efficiency, unifying co-workers, and boosting productivity. Human happiness has a positive effect on reaching that productivity and Stewpendous Productions has several ways to bring that excitement into your office.

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This hour long trivia show is lively and entertaining, and a great opportunity to mingle with co-workers and take a needed break from work. Your employees are encouraged to bring their lunches into the designated space and team up with other employees who they know or ideally meeting for the very first time. In groups, they will compete, working as a collective team to win the trivia show by the end of the hour. Your employees are sure to walk away feeling more relaxed, happier, and feeling rejuvenated to complete their projects and deadlines.